EYECONS a series of works based on iconic images

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August 21st 2046.




3 lines of coke low res a in yer face email smith wesson email

Four paintings, 2 sketches and 4 Vogue cover designs by the artist Anthony John Gray have been found in a sealed room of a graffiti covered house in the south of England after being lost for over 30 years. The works are in good condition having been kept in a modified enviroment. The paintings date from 2009-2010 and were sent for a mixed exhibition along with 4 Vogue cover designs with 12 to 14 other paintings and 6 three dimensional images to Lizard Riders Gallery in Soho. According to the artists biographer George Civill the paintings were never exhibited and were returned to the artist in 2011 however 4 paintings and some paper works were never sent back.

Apparently there was no consignment note and the galleries owner Stove Bose rejected all claims of compensation and the works disappeared into obscurity. As this incident happened before the artists first major exhibition the images were not repainted and the eyecon series to which they belong continued with other such works as the Diamond Heist series and other large pieces on KM. The missing paintings reappearance show that these were created in the middle of the eyecon and face to face series and tell the story of the death of Liberated Desires No 25 ( a series that had occupied the artist since 1976 ) and the transformation of the model known has Kate into the last Liberated Desires itself ( for information on this series pleae refer to  the 2011 retrospective book produced by OA pic and designed by the artist and can run associates ). The artists intention was probably to leave 2 paintings in an unfinshed state allowing the power to be transferrd to the 2 companion pixelated works. A large retrospective of the artists paintings including the complete eyecon series is due to start in December at the State Tiight Gallery in London and these newly found works will be included. The story of the artists movement ' The Art Of Spiritual Logic ' continues on Art Online Universal on September 21st at 8pm 2046. It is available for holgraphic download along with the artists complete catalogue and critic assessment. Not to be missed.


HIGH ON COKE. OILS ON CANVAS.           THE FOUNTAINHEAD. OILS ON CANVAS           IN YER FACE. OILS ON CANVAS                                                     GUN CULTURE. Mr Smith and Mrs Wesson. OILS ON CANVAS.

79" X 50". EYECON No 6 . POA                     69" X 50". EYECON No 3. POA                             50" X 50". EYECON No 4  POA.                                                         59" X 40". EYECON No 5. POA